Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Performance Saturday night

Thanks to everyone who came to check us out on Saturday at the Lake Street Dance Hall. It was a good time although 4 hours of music is plenty for me. The crowd was decent during the first set but really got going toward the end of the night. We had a fair number of dancers and I especially appreciate Tim and DJ for their exceptional dancing. Tim did a nice job helping out on triangle for a couple of songs too.

I thought the new tunes went pretty well particularly Man of Constant Sorrow and Ring of Fire. Gina shot some new promo pictures and we got a couple of new videos. You should be seeing those over the next few weeks. We did get some bad news hat our October gig at Lake Street was cancelled. We love the venue and the idea of a Cajun dance hall in Shreveport but it looks like it is heading a different direction. We will keep you posted.

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